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Minor League Ball Gameday: Sunday, April 1st, 2018

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Happy Easter


Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the Minor League Ball Gameday discussion thread for Sunday, April 1st, 2018.

****Today is Easter Sunday of course. I hope everyone gets to spend some time with their family today whether you celebrate the specific holiday or not.

****It is also April Fool’s Day. I used to do a comedic post on April Fool’s Day. The best one was this from 2008 on Minnesota Twins prospect Dirk Vadjer. Hard to believe that was ten years ago!

I stopped doing the April Fool posts after the Zach Lee post from 2011 backfired. That one fooled a lot of people, including sports reporters in LA who called up the Dodgers and asked them what was going on. That apparently made the Dodgers front office quite angry with me, angry enough that it got mentioned in Baseball America. No more April Fools jokes for me.

****Another April Fool Joke from the past: Aroldis Chapman converting to the outfield.

****Poor Billy McKinney whacked his shoulder yesterday against the outfield wall and has been placed on the disabled list. The Yankees have promoted Miguel Andujar to replace him om the roster.

****Chicago White Sox outfield prospect Eloy Jimenez strained a pectoral muscle and will begin the 2018 season in extended spring training doing rehab work. He already missed two weeks last month with a knee problem.

****The Los Angeles Angels have placed veteran infielder Ian Kinsler on the disabled list with a strained left adductor and have promoted infielder Nolan Fontana to the majors to replace him.