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Seattle Mariners preliminary prospect grade breakdown

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Here are the results from the first pass through the Mariners system

Seattle Mariners v Minnesota Twins
Sam Carlson
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Here are the prospect grade breakdown results from my first pass through the Seattle Mariners farm system:

Grade A: Zero
Grade A-: Zero
Grade B+: Zero
Grade B: Two
Grade B-: Three
Grade C+: 13
Grade C: 36

There is a little play along the B-/C+ boundary but this is close to final.

Johnny Adams, 3B
Greifer Andrade, OF
Nathan Bannister, RHP
Braden Bishop, OF
Bryson Brigman, INF
Sam Carlson, RHP
Ryan Costello, 3B
Jordan Cowan, 3B
Joey Curletta, 1B
Joe DeCarlo, C
Chase De Jong, RHP
Seth Elledge, RHP
Matthew Festa, RHP
Eric Filia, OF
Mike Ford, 1B
David Freitas, C
Darin Gillies, RHP
Eugene Helder, INF
Spencer Herrmann, LHP
Cesar Izturis Jr, INF
Oliver Jaskie, LHP
Anthony Jimenez, OF
Kyle Lewis, OF
Luis Liberato, OF
Mike Marjama, C
Reggie McClain, RHP
Ian Miller, OF
Wyatt Mills, RHP
Anthony Misiewicz, LHP
Sam Moll, LHP
Gareth Morgan, OF
Ljay Newsome, RHP
Joe Odom, C
Cameron Perkins, OF
Max Povse, RHP
Juan Querecuto, SS
Joe Rizzo, 3B
Max Roberts, LHP
Julio Rodriguez, OF
Tommy Romero, RHP
Joseph Rosa, 2B
Ronald Rosario, OF
Nick Rumbelow, RHP
Chuck Taylor, OF
Andres Torres, RHP
Zach Vincej, INF
Dan Vogelbach, 1B
Jamal Wade, RHP
Donnie Walton, 2B
Art Warren, RHP
Nick Wells, LHP
Rob Whalen, RHP
Evan White, 1B
Nick Zamarelli, 1B-OF