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Minor League Ball update

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2018 begins

Peoria Javelinas v Mesa Solar Sox Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to 2018 here at Minor League Ball.

I am recovering from Influenza A. My family was hit with a nasty stomach bug (norovirus?) on December 9th. We didn’t get that fully out of the house until the 18th, then on the 20th my youngest was hit with confirmed influenza A. My eldest son got sick on the 21st, my wife on the 23rd.

I stayed clear until the 28th when it finally whacked me. And yes, we had our flu shots this year. It didn’t help. Needless to say, the holidays were not much fun around here.

I wasn’t able to think very clearly until this morning and am still fighting fatigue, but the end of this bout is in sight. I made progress on the Cleveland Indians Top 20 list today and HOPE to finish the write-up tomorrow, although realistically it will probably be Thursday. After that we should accelerate, assuming Ebola or Captain Trips isn’t next.

We have some changes upcoming at Minor League Ball in 2018, centered on what should be a large and sustainable expansion of the writing staff. The first new face will be Emily Waldon:

I also want to do more with video this year. I did this interview with The Baseball Show before getting sick last week and really enjoyed it and it has whetted my appetite for more.

Stay tuned!