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2017 MLB Draft Profile: Drew Waters, OF, Woodstock, Georgia

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The highly-productive Georgia high school ranks churn out another prospect: outfielder Drew Waters

Here’s another high school outfielder profile for the 2017 MLB Draft: Georgia prep Drew Waters, who is drawing first-round consideration.


Waters attends Etowah High School in Woodstock, Georgia. A fixture on the showcase circuit since he was 14 years old, Waters is well-known to scouts and college coaches and is committed to the University of Georgia, though he should be signable if drafted where expected. He is a 6-2, 190 pound switch-hitter, a natural right-handed thrower, born December 30th, 1998.


Waters has one of the most complete physical tool sets available this year: 60 running speed, 60 throwing arm, 50 raw power that he can already tap, combined with a reasonably polished hitting approach from both sides of the plate.

He draws particular praise for his center field defense where he has both the tools and the instincts to thrive. He is already an adept base stealer and runner, giving him cachet as a possible leadoff man.

Despite the leadoff profile he is not a slap/dash hitter, showing considerable pop. His raw power is essentially average but he knows how to get to it, especially from the left side, and usually shows feel for the strike zone.


There aren’t many. He’s done well against good competition and is polished for a high school bat. While he doesn’t have a weak tool, he also doesn’t have the massive impact tool of some of the players who will be drafted ahead of him, and as with any young hitter the transition to pro ball might not be automatic. He has a lot more reps than most players his age, which is good in many ways but could also mean that his skills are maxed out.


Waters is generally projected as a late first round or compensation round pick, although it wouldn't be a surprise to me if he comes off the board sooner than commonly expected.