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Louisville’s Brendan McKay and Drew Ellis Reflect on Last Night’s Draft

Both players spoke to the media on Tuesday at Jim Patterson Stadium.

Brendan McKay speaking to the media on Tuesday at Jim Patterson Stadium

LOUISVILLE, KY – The University of Louisville baseball program has a lot to celebrate this week: its fourth trip ever to the College World Series and after last night, two of its players – Brendan McKay and Drew Ellis – were selected on the first night of the 2017 MLB Draft.

Three-time John Olerud Two-Way Player of the Year Award winner 1B/LHP/DH Brendan McKay was selected fourth overall by the Tampa Bay Rays, and 3B/1B Drew Ellis was selected 44th overall by the Arizona Diamondbacks.

McKay said that after the No. 2 pick was announced, he received a call from his adviser who told him he was going to be taken by Tampa Bay at No. 4. He continued, “You see the pick come in and you hear your name called. It’s kind of just a relief. You can’t move in that moment. Then you get that emotion.”

For Ellis, he decided to take a Twitter break the Sunday of Regional Week but broke his silence last night after being drafted by the Diamondbacks, tweeting that he is “excited to be a part of the Diamondbacks organization.” Ellis also said that he had a deal in place with Boston had he still been available when the Red Sox were set to pick at No. 63.

Both McKay and Ellis are juniors. The selection of McKay at No. 4 is the highest a Louisville Cardinal has ever been drafted. The previous highest draft position was Corey Ray – just last year – by the Milwaukee Brewers at No. 5.

Louisville head coach Dan McDonnell was also asked about Jordan Adell, who committed to the Cardinals when he was a freshman. McDonnell stated he would love to see Adell play for Louisville, but he said he spoke with him last night and congratulated him on his new future with the Los Angeles Angels. Adell is a local product who graduated from Louisville’s Ballard High School last month.