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MLB Rookie Profile: Reymin Guduan, LHP, Houston Astros

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Hard-throwing lefty Reymin Guduan looks for a role in the Houston Astros bullpen

Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins

Yesterday the Houston Astros promoted left-handed pitcher Reymin Guduan to the major league roster. They wasted no time getting him innings, as he threw two frames of relief against the Minnesota Twins, giving up two hits and two walks for two runs, but fanning two. Here’s a quick summary of his talents.

The Astros signed Guduan out of the Dominican Republic in 2010. He’s been very erratic throughout his career, showing excellent velocity (more on that in a moment) but without consistently good results. Last season he posted a 4.18 ERA in 56 innings between Double-A and Triple-A, the best performance of his career, with a 63/37 K/BB. This season he had a 5.47 ERA in 26 innings in Triple-A with a 27/11 K/BB.

Guduan rated as a Grade C+ prospect pre-season but did not rank among the Top 20 prospects on the Houston Astros farm system report for 2017.

Listed at 6-4, 205, Guduan is a left-handed hitter and thrower born March 16, 1992. He throws extremely hard for a lefty, hitting 97.4 MPH in his major league debut; he’s been clocked as high as 100 in the minors. The fastball has movement and he combines it with an impressive slider.

Unfortunately Guduan’s pitches have so much movement and velocity that he has trouble controlling them. Despite all the hard stuff he’s had consistent difficulty keeping right-handed batters from hitting him hard, probably due to lack of an effective off-speed pitch.

His control has improved from terrible to below average over the last two years and further improvement could make him dominant. That hasn’t happened yet, though.

No one will give up on him quickly due to his arm strength.

Here’s a nice slo-mo look at Guduan’s delivery from Baseball Training Guy: