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2017 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft: Scouting Director assignments

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Here’s the scouting director volunteer thread

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks
Buster Posey, the fifth-overall pick in the 2008 MLB draft
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Here’s the volunteer thread for scouting directors for the 2017 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft, to be held Saturday, June 3rd, and 12 noon central time.

Volunteer in the comment thread, with a brief statement stating your qualifications for the position. I will study them and make a decision.

When your name shows up on the list below, the next step is for you to establish a Mock Organization Diary in the Fanpost section. Review the rules for the Mock Draft here.

I will be updating through the afternoon then when all 30 teams are allocated, which usually takes about 24 hours, we’ll post a final list.

Arizona Diamondbacks Noah Elden
Atlanta Braves rajah
Baltimore Orioles
Boston Red Sox ArizonaGM
Chicago Cubs mav22
Chicago White Sox
Cincinnati Reds Thinkblue
Cleveland Indians RockyBurgher
Colorado Rockies hrv2016
Detroit Tigers dougfrobel
Houston Astros calibaseball27
Kansas City Royals painting_the_corners404
Los Angeles Angels Tapatio Man
Los Angeles Dodgers SaulGoode
Miami Marlins reillocity
Milwaukee Brewers ghoji blackburn
Minnesota Twins John Sickels
New York Mets mtk52983
New York Yankees cookiedabookie
Oakland Athletics guessatomo, alternate Orodawg
Philadelphia Phillies prince of power
Pittsburgh Pirates Lyrefire
St. Louis Cardinals cookiedabookie
San Diego Padres c60
San Francisco Giants
Seattle Mariners csimons
Tampa Bay Rays TBRaysfan009
Texas Rangers Penny Parker
Toronto Blue Jays 4dizzle
Washington Nationals inter politics