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“A Podcast To Be Named Later” with Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73

An April Rundown with guest Sean McAdam

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox
Craig Kimbrel
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

"A Podcast To Be Named Later"

Host Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73 and Guest Sean McAdam

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If you would like to listen to our Pre-Season Podcast with Sean McAdam, Click this link

* A Podcast To Be Named Later w/ Sean McAdam (Formerly of CSNNE & The Providence Journal)

Today on "A Podcast To Be Named Later" Chris Mitchell and Sean McAdam discuss the opening month of the 2017 major league baseball season along with an intense examination of the American League East.


* Intro: Around the League
- Red Sox/O's Beanball Fiasco

AL East

- Red Sox lack of offense
- Impact of David Price on the American League Eastern division
- Craig Kimbrel's impact & the trade that brought him to the AL East
- Yankees strong start & Jays struggles
- Dylan Bundy - Is he the key to the O's and can he hold up?
- The Future of the Tampa Bay Rays?

Players in Focus -
- Aaron Judge
- Eric Thames

Buy or Sell
- Twins/D-Backs/Rockies/Brewers/Phillies
- Eric Thames/Aaron Judge

Around the League
- Are the Mets done?
- When do the Royals Sell?
- Are the SF Giants done?
- Noah Syndergaard Injury and the relationship between teams and their players medical treatment

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