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Road to Atlanta Podcast: talking Braves prospects with the guys at Talking Chop

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I made my debut on the Road to Atlanta Podcast last night. Hear what me and the boys from Talking Chop had to say about the Atlanta Braves farm system.

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As many of you know, I have added Rome Braves coverage to my list of duties here at Minor League Ball. Last night, I made my debut on the Road to Atlanta Podcast. I'm sure much of the gang here has heard an episode or two before, but it's a great show with a lot of hands-on information.

What we discussed:

  • A quick sweep around the four main levels of Braves action
  • Who our dream big league rotation would be if every current prospect made it through to Atlanta
  • Gifts from Seattle: Luiz Gohara and Alex Jackson
  • Ian Anderson is silly good
  • Thoughts on Ronald Acuna
  • Anfernee Seymour: real prospect?
  • much, much more!

  • So, take a listen to what Eric, Garrett, Guarav and I had to say:

EPISODE 15: Thanks Again, Seattle...and other minor league nuggets with guest Wayne Cavadi