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Community Discussion: B.Y.O.E.T

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What is B.Y.O.E.T you ask? Build Your Own Expansion Team

You’re in the war room now.

As we are wont to do on occasion, its time for a thought exercise. Time to hop in your most comfortable hypothetical shoes and take a ride in the hypotheticalmobile! (Or we can take the hypotheticalcopter if you want.) We are now embarking on the 20th anniversary of the most recent expansion in MLB, the addition of the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. I think the conditions are ripe for another couple of teams.

MLB just approved two more expansion teams and you are now calling all the shots on one of the teams. Where will your new team play? What are you going to call them? Most importantly though, who goes on the 25-man roster?

We’ll use the similar procedures as 20 years ago, just with a few modifications -

  • Instead of drafting 35 players, we cut it to 25.
  • We’ll also let your team draft it’s active roster before the next team because that just makes this easier.
  • Players must be OFF their previous team’s 40-man roster.
  • You can only poach a maximum of two players per organization.
  • Players taken in the 2016 draft are off limits.
  • Players who are 19 or younger as of July 1st, 2017 are also off limits in case you just chugged a Mountain Dew and are feeling wild.

Here is a list of minor leaguers on 40-man rosters. These are the guys you CANNOT choose for your team.

To make things interesting, I will create the team with the most rec’s in the comments in OOTP 17 and simulate the winning team in a season. I’ll report back with stats, commentary, and how the whole experiment played out.

There you have it folks. Be the GM you always wanted to be. It’s your chance to call the shots and give that sleeper a chance to crack the team. Are you going to pick the next franchise cornerstone? A future Cy Young or MVP? Who knows?