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Batting exit velocity and fielding errors

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Any relationship? Do good hitters result in more fielding errors?

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

As part of my recent reading about Statcast, I came across this January Fangraphs article from Craig Edwards about the relationship between exit velocity and FIP.

That got me thinking about another issue: is there a relationship between exit velocity and fielding errors once the ball is in play?

Intuitively this would make sense: a screaming line drive off the bat of Miguel Cabrera would seem more difficult to field than a weak bloopy pop-up from Alcides Escobar. But is it really true? Do better hitters generate more fielding errors? Did fielders make more errors on balls hit by Hank Aaron than they did on balls hit by Tommie Aaron?

Surely this has been studied sabermetrically, but a cursory Google search isn’t turning up much. I did find this Fangraphs article by Matt Klaasen dating back to 2011 that discusses the concept of the “reached on error” and finding a way for to account for this in hitting statistics.

I don’t have time to conduct a thorough review of the sabermetric literature. Are any of you aware of such studies? What are your thoughts on the issue?