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You’re the Farm Director: James Kaprielian edition

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How would you handle the Yankees pitching prospect?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Let's revive a very old feature from the early days of Minor League Ball. Let's play "You're the Farm Director!"

You woke up this morning and discovered that you are now in charge of the New York Yankees farm system. Brian Cashman calls you up and asks you for a development plan for pitching prospect James Kaprielian. He needs it in five minutes.

You frantically do some Googling and discover this fine article at Baseball America posted this morning by Josh Norris discussing Kaprielian's spring. Then your laptop crashes and before you can reboot and reload, Cashman has called back and asks for your decision.

Where do you send Kapreilian to open 2017? How rapidly are you willing to promote him if he performs well? Where does he rank in your list of Yankees pitching prospects? Is he a candidate for promotion to the major leagues?

Take the poll question below and lay out your thinking in the comments.