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Charlotte Knights will get hungry in July

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Triple-A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox will change name to “Pitmasters” on July 15th

Creative promotions are one of the fun things about Minor League Baseball. The unofficial Twitter feed for Minor League Baseball promotions makes it easier to track the most unusual promotional ideas generated by minor league clubs. They have a Facebook page too.

Yesterday, this Charlotte Knights promotion was highlighted: the team will change their name to the Charlotte Pitmasters for one day only on July 15th.

When I saw the word “Pitmasters,” my first assumption was that it was a reference to auto racing, perhaps linked with the Charlotte Motor Speedway. But then I looked at the hat and wondered “what does a hamburger have to do with baseball or auto racing?”

Further research revealed the reason: it isn’t hamburger, it is a BBQ sandwich, and the term “Pitmaster” refers to “the rich history of delicious BBQ in the City of Charlotte” according to the press release from the team.

As Knights/Pitmasters GM Rob Egan puts it,

“We're thrilled to honor BBQ lovers all across the Carolinas with this unique new brand. We hope that our fans enjoy the new design and get behind this special theme night. We will have plenty of delicious BBQ fare that night as well."

I was not aware that Charlotte had a rich history of BBQ: I live in the Midwest, and around here it is Kansas City that is known for wonderful BBQ. You learn something new every day.