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2017 MLB Draft Profile: LSU LHP Jared Poche’

LSU's regular Friday night ace Alex Lange pitched another doozie Friday night, bumping his stock even further up the draft board. Don't sleep on Jared Poche' though, whose draft stock may have risen more than any other pitcher in the draft.

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What Jared Poche' has done to start the 2017 season is simply remarkable. And it has made the toughest decision of his life all the more rewarding.

Poche' is LSU's 6-foot-1, left-handed Saturday night star pitcher. He follows Alex Lange, forming one of the more frightening tandems atop a rotation anywhere in the country.

The 22-year old has been as consistent as they come for LSU over his first three years. He posted 27 wins -- hitting the nine-win mark in each of his first three seasons -- while always keeping his ERA in the mid-twos to low-threes. He is a master of command and control, something that has been out of this world this season.

Poche' described his arsenal as:

"I throw a four-seam fastball, a two-seam fastball, a couple different variations of my curveball and a changeup. Each pitch has a lot of room for improvement. I’m trying to get the practice I need to have the feel for it in a game."

The young lefty is rather humble. Any pitcher can always improve a pitch, but "a lot or room" sells him short. One of the types of curves he throws is of the 12-6 variety and most scouts rave over it.

Poche's work didn't go unnoticed. He was drafted last June by the San Diego Padres in the fourteenth round. But he and three of his teammates who were also drafted -- Cole Freeman, Greg Deichmann and Kramer Roberstson -- put their big league dreams on hold to chase one more trip to Omaha and the programs seventh national championship.

So, as if to prove the doubters wrong that he should have jumped to pro ball, Poche' dealt a no-hitter in his Opening Day start. He then hurled eight more no-hit innings in his second start before allowing a hit in the ninth. His past two starts? A three-hitter and a four-hitter.

His first 29 innings of 2017 have been second to none. After yesterday's start, Poche' has gone 29 innings, allowing just eight hits and two walks while striking out 18. Not one run has yet to score, and he really hasn't even been in trouble yet. And Poche' has pitched against some good teams, like Baylor and Wichita State to name a few.

I sat down and spoke to Poche' on his big decision at To read the full interview and hear more on this unbelievable start, click on the link below.

LSU's Jared Poche', seniors back to chase dream of CWS championship

(Video courtesy of LSU Tiger TV)

(video courtesy of Jheremy Brown)