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Tony Zych
Tony Zych
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Here is the working research list of 53 Seattle Mariners prospects under study for 2017.

Dan Altavilla, RHP
Greifer Andrade, 2B
Rayder Ascanio, SS
Braden Bishop, OF
Bryson Brigman, SS
Zac Curtis, LHP
Joe DeCarlo, 3B
Ronald Dominguez, RHP
Eric Filia, OF
Paul Fry, LHP
Kevin Gadea, RHP
Ben Gamel, OF
Darin Gillies, RHP
Mitch Haniger, OF
Brayan Hernandez, OF
Guillermo Heredia, OF
Ryne Inman, RHP
Drew Jackson, SS
Kyle Lewis, OF
Luis Liberato, OF
Marcus Littlewood, C
Pablo Lopez, RHP
Tyler Marlette, C
Brandon Miller, RHP
Ian Miller, OF
Cody Mobley, RHP
Andrew Moore, RHP
Gareth Morgan, OF
Taylor Motter, UT
Nick Neidert, RHP
Tyler O’Neill, OF
James Pazos, LHP
Jio Orozco, RHP
Dillon Overton, LHP
Emilio Pagan, RHP
D.J. Peterson, 1B
Max Povse, RHP
Boog Powell, OF
Joe Rizzo, 3B
Joseph Rosa, 2B
Christopher Torres, SS
Tyler Smith, INF
Dylan Unsworth, RHP
Thyago Vieira, RHP
Dan Vogelbach, 1B
Kyle Waldrop, OF
Donnie Walton, INF
Gianfranco Wawoe, 2B
Nick Wells, LHP
Rob Whalen, RHP
Nick Zammarelli, 3B-OF
Jake Zokan, LHP
Tony Zych, RHP