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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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As I close out my third year with John and the gang, I had a little holiday cheer to share, 12 Days of Christmas style.

Alex Rodriguez Hosts Christmas Party At Boys And Girls Clubs Of Miami Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

I started covering the minors for Minor League Ball back in 2015. For one reason or the other, John Sickels has not only agreed to keep me around, but actually promoted me over that span. The things I have been credentialed for and opportunities I have been given because of the words Minor League Ball, well, Cousin Eddie sums it up best.

I’ve been quiet this December. Family, the day job, and just the chaos of the holiday season has made it hard to write. But I’ll be back full force in 2018. That being said, the Minor League Ball faithful are some of the best, and I want to be sure I wished you all a very Merry and Happy Holiday season, whatever it is you celebrate.

So, in honor of the great Minor League Baseball, let’s count down the best things the 12 Days of Christmas can offer.

12 — Ronald Acuña, Luiz Gohara, Kyle Wright, Mike Soroka, Kolby Allard, Ian Anderson, Max Fried, Austin Riley, Joey Wentz, Bryse Wilson, Touki Toussaint, and Christian Pache. The Atlanta Braves Top 12, according to John. Go ahead and find 12 better.

11 — The number Scott Kingery wears, who was arguably the biggest breakout bat at the upper levels in 2017. A Phillies prospect who can slug home runs, who would have thunk?

10 — The number Bo Bichette wears. The 19-year-old and his partner in crime Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. will be one of the more exciting duos to watch in 2018.

9 — Star Wars film that was released this year (don’t you go and forget about Rogue One). Star Wars has nothing to do with minor league baseball, you say?

8— Triples Victor Robles has hit in back-to-back minor league seasons. Time for the Nationals to unleash this guy.

7 — Triples Estevan Florial hit this year, to go along with 23 doubles, 13 home runs and 23 stolen bases, as one of 2017’s biggest breakout stars.

6 — Teams in the glorious Arizona Fall League. Acuña won MVP, the Peoria Braves won the title (I know the team name, relax).

5 — GOLDEN CHRISTMAS LIGHTS (from the best stadium in the minors)!

(admit it... when you read No. 5, you sang it in your head like the song...)

4 — New prospects the Miami Marlins have in their Top 10 thanks to some intriguing trades this offseason. You may have heard about them, they were somewhat newsworthy.

3 — Prospects to know. I promise you guys I’ll finish this series by spring training. Oh, and thanks to Marlins and Padres, who I have to now go back and completely redo. Don’t expect a Christmas card from this guy.

2 — Ways that Shohei Otani plays the game. He’s kind of a big deal. Like Santa Claus.

1 — Ronald Acuña... he’s still the best prospect I’ve ever watched.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!