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2017 MLB Playoffs: Thursday prediction and discussion

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Today’s dart-throwing playoff prediction hot off the internet

MLB: ALDS-New York Yankees at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone and welcome to the Minor League Ball post-season prediction thread for Thursday, October 12th, 2017.

Yesterday we predicted that the Chicago Cubs would defeat the Washington Nationals 5-1 and that the Cleveland Indians would beat the New York Yankees 6-3. Both predictions were completely wrong, with the Nationals beating the Cubs 5-0 and the Yankees beating the Indians 5-2.

With two wrong predictions this brings our record for the post-season to 8-8. Obviously my psychic abilities are no better than random guessing this year.

Tonight Kyle Hendricks and the Cubs take on the Nationals and an unannounced starter, most likely either Tanner Roark or Gio Gonzalez. The dart lands on the Nationals, who will win 4-2. Or not.