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"A Podcast To Be Named Later" w/ Rob Neyer

The State of MLB w/ Host Chris Mitchell and Guest Rob Neyer

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"A Podcast To Be Named Later"

Hosted By Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73
Guest: Rob Neyer @RobNeyer

Today on "A Podcast To Be Named Later" Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73 and Rob Neyer @RobNeyer discuss a variety of topics varying from the financial state of the game, the roll of advanced metrics in today's game and the impact and ranking of the top General Managers (Theo Epstein and Andre Friedman are the focus) and the change in how organizations prioritize bullpens and are willing to pay for them.

We also discuss Rob's opinions of the most interesting aspects of today's game, we look at the 2016 award winners and we bat around the idea of trading Mike Trout.  . You can also find a link to this Podcast at MinorLeagueBall . com


* State of The Game
--> Organizations absorbing and accepting sunk costs
--> Advanced Metrics
- Do they allow Low Budget Franchises to catch up by doing things better, cheaper?
--> How should Managers be evaluated and what is least and most important?
- Wins and losses?
- Motivating players to perform?
- in Game X's and O's?
- John Farrell and Joe Maddon

* Players in Focus -
--> Andrew Friedman (Los Angeles Dodgers President)
- Evaluation of his performance
--> Theo Epstein
- Best GM ever?
--> The 2016 Awards
- Porcello/Verlander
- Trout/Betts
- Max Scherzer

* Most Interesting Issues in Todays Game
--> The Bullpen
- The focus on building the
- The $$ being spent on them
- Can relievers be trusted with big money and long contracts?
--> Pace of Play
- How do you improve it?
- Would improvement matter in any meaningful way?
--> Is there a scenario that justifies trading Mike Trout?

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Chris Mitchell