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Kyle Barraclough
Kyle Barraclough
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

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Miami Marlins organization discussion

I am now working on the Los Angeles Angels Top 20 prospects list for 2017. The next team in line is the Miami Marlins, to be followed by the Toronto Blue Jays, the Cincinnati Reds, the Seattle Mariners, and finally the San Diego Padres to complete the process. After that we will reconcile all trades that have occurred this winter and update the prospect lists accordingly, then work up a Top 175 prospects list for spring training.

Use this thread to discuss the Miami Marlins system. Possible points for discussion include, but are certainly not limited to:

****The Marlins finished 79-82 in 2016, third place in the National League Eastern Division. What is a realistic expectation for 2017? .500 or better? Or will they fall further behind?

****Honestly it feels weird to talk about the future of this system since the heart of the franchise was ripped out by the death of Jose Fernandez. How do you recover from that?

****The farm system is pretty thin but did produce a nice bullpen triumvirate: Kyle Barraclough, Brian Ellington, and Nick Wittgren. Who do you like the best going forward?

****As always, feel free to discuss sleeper prospects or anything else Marlins-oriented.

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