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Say hello to new staffer Steven Van Worth

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Hello, my name is Steven Van Worth and I’m a roughneck. I am honored to be a new staffer here at Minor League Ball on SB Nation with John Sickels.

Right now I am a displaced oilfield worker and freelance photographer for Tulsa World newspaper on top of being a new staffer here. I am pretty new to the writing scene with just a year and a half of writing under my belt. Photography has always been my passion, but once I was asked to write my first article I was hooked. I may not have a college degree, but my love for the game of baseball makes up for it.

Growing up in Bakersfield, CA I grew up attending the Advanced-A Bakersfield teams at Sam Lynn Ballpark, whether it was the Dodgers or the Blaze. There was always something about the minor league atmosphere that made me feel alive. Even to this day I feel like a kid every time I’m at a minor league game, whether it’s attending or covering.

It was that very place that gave me my first freelance opportunity, which opened all the doors to now. I was always a landscape photographer, but after that first game I found a new love. Shooting the 2015 Bakersfield Blaze season was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I got to really know a lot of the players and what their lives were like in the MiLB. Being able to share their moments with friends and family gave me a great feeling.

Since writing my first article last May I have learned a great deal and really enjoy writing about the young men battling to get to the show. There is no easy road, it’s all blood, sweat, and tears. Missing loved ones and moving state to state not knowing where they’ll end up next.

My favorite writing subjects are those who are far from home, including the South African Dylan Unsworth who is trying to become the first one from his country to make it to the MLB. Not only do they have to go down the same path as every other minor leaguer, they have to adapt to a different culture. Worlds apart from their loved ones, overcoming adversity, for that one chance to achieve their dream.

In all, I hope to be a valuable asset here at minor league ball for a long time. It is an honor that John has given me this opportunity to be amongst a very talented group of individuals. Hopefully you all enjoy what I have to offer.