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Minor League Ball Gameday, Monday, August 29

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Kevin Gausman
Kevin Gausman
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the Monday, August 28th edition of the Minor League Ball Gameday discussion thread. Here are some items worthy of your consideration today.

****Not a prospect of course but he's still just 25 years old; Kevin Gausman of the Baltimore Orioles fanned nine in seven innings against the New York Yankees yesterday, walking nobody. He has a 19/3 K/BB over 20 innings in his last three starts and now has a 140/38 K/BB in 140 innings on the season.

I've liked Gausman since his days at LSU and I know a lot of you feel the same way. What's your take? Is he having his final breakthrough? Will he become a genuine ace? Or will he continue along as an above-average starting pitcher who never QUITE turns into a dominator?

****Los Angeles Dodgers pitching prospect Jose De Leon fanned 13 for Triple-A Oklahoma City last night. He now has a 2.61 ERA in 86 innings with an amazing 111/20 K/BB and keep in mind that's in the Pacific Coast League.

****At Beyond the Boxscore, Spencer Bingol looks at Toronto Blue Jays rookie Joe Biagini, the "best Rule 5 pick" of 2016 thanks to the development of a new cutter.

****At The HardBall Times, Shane Tourtellotte looks at how it is now easier for a team to go from worst to first (and vice versa) compared to most of baseball history.