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A Podcast To Be Named Later: Trade Deadline Fantasy Edition

Chris Mitchell's "Bosco Nation Blog" Fantasy Baseball Podcast

Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

"A Podcast To Be Named Later"

Fantasy Trade Deadline Edition

Host Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73
Guest @GeorgeKurtz

Today on "A Podcast To Be Named Later" Chris Mitchell @CJmitch73 and @GeorgeKurtz Breakdown the 2016 MLB Trade Deadline deals and analyze their impact. We will also look at the deals that didn't happen, the winners and the losers and the fall out of the deadline. AND, if that wasn't enough, we will sprinkle in some Fantasy baseball analysis to give players an idea of the impact of the craziness that is the MLB Trade Deadline. You can also find a link to this Podcast at MinorLeagueBall . com


* Intro:
--> Beer, Bacon and the Buried Hoses (00:00-10:00)

* Players in Focus - (11:00-End)
--> Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller & Mark Melancon
--> Drew Pomeranz, Francisco Liriano, Rich Hill
--> Matt Moore
--> Jay Bruce,Josh Reddick & Jonathan Lucroy
--> Jonathan Lucroy,Melvin Upton Jr. and Matt Kemp

* News and Notes (11:00-End)
--> Thoughts and impressions
==> Relievers. Indians and Rangers
--> Fantasy impact of the crazy day

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