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"A Podcast To Be Named Later" w/ Host Chris Mitchell

The Week #20 American League Breakdown & Playoff Preview Podcast

Mookie Betts
Mookie Betts
Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

"A Podcast To Be Named Later"

Week #20 AL Breakdown Podcast

Host Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73
Guest Brandon C Williams

Today on "A Podcast To Be Named Later" Chris Mitchell and Brandon C Williams look at the American League player performances and pennant races as teams separate themselves from the pack and sprint for the playoffs.  You can also find a link to this Podcast at MinorLeagueBall . com


* Intro:
--> Around the Horn: News to Know  (0:00 - 32:00)
--> Football: Texas Longhorns, Texas A&M & Dallas Cowboyz-Ezekial Elliot

* Players in Focus - (32:00-79:00)
--> Mookie Betts: Batting 3rd/4th
--> Mike Napoli & Jose Ramirez: The Indians keys to success?
--> Rick Porcello & Dylan Bundy: impact on the AL East?
--> Aaron Sanchez To the bullpen: Yes or No?
--> Carlos Gomez released: Claim?
--> Chris Davis and Mark Trumbo struggles
* The Horse Races (79:00-END)
--> AL East (79:00-94:00)
=> Keys to the Playoffs for Jays/Sox/Orioles
--> AL Central (94:00-1:09:00)
=> Cleveland lead by 6 Games in Division
=> Tigers 3.5 games back of Wild Card
=> Royals 7.5 back of Wild Card
--> AL West (1:09:00-1:50:00)
=> Rangers lead by 6.0 game lead for Division (7-3 in last 10 games)
=> Mariners 2.5 games back of Wild Card (9-1 in last 10 games)
=> Astros 5.5 games back of Wild Card (4-6 in last 10 games)
--> Who Wins the Divisions & the Wild Card (1:50:00-END)

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