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MLB Rookie Report: Alex Bregman, SS, Houston Astros

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Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

After weeks of speculation, the time is finally here - Alex Bregman is headed to Houston to join the Astros. Bregman was selected second overall in the 2015 MLB draft behind Dansby Swanson. He was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and attended LSU before being drafted last season. He will make his debut at the age of 22, after making an impact in professional baseball in just over a year. Also, he is the first position player to be promoted to the Majors from the 2015 draft.

Bregman began his professional career between the California and Midwest leagues last season, hitting .294/..366/.415 with four home runs and 34 runs batted in. In Quad Cities, Bregman posted a 108 wRC+ and improved when he got to Lancaster, posting a 126 wRC+. Bregman continued to build on his success of 2015 by posting a 176 wRC+ in Corpus Christi and then a 182 wRC+ in Fresno, leading to his promotion to the big league club.

If there is one thing people agree on it is Alex Bregman will hit in the big leagues. He is a plus hitter, but his power grades out as average. He has a plus arm and is solid defensively, but he may not see much time at short in Houston with Carlos Correa there. In the short term he will probably play left field for Houston, but in the long term I think he profiles as a second basemen, but will probably play third since the Astros have Altuve there as well.

In the preseason, John Sickels had this to say about Alex Bregman when previewing the Astros:

"Alex Bregman, SS, Grade A-: Age 21, 2015 first-rounder out of Louisiana State, hit .259/.368/.330 in 112 at-bats in Low-A then .319/.364/.475 in 160 at-bats in High-A. Combined for 13 steals. Pure hitter with strong strike zone judgment, moderate power, all-around instinctive play, capable of producing Dustin Pedroia-like offensive numbers. It is an obvious and common comparison but a valid one. Bregman is also a decent defensive shortstop who could stay at the position for some teams but will likely end up at second base long-term."

I'm sure the Astros would love for hits like this down the stretch from Bregman: