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National League Recap Podcast: Week #8 w/ Host Chris Mitchell

"A Podcast To Be Named Later": Week #8 NL Recap w/ Brandon C Williams

Harry How/Getty Images
"A Podcast To Be Named Later"

Host: Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73
Guest: Brandon C Williams

We are 50 games in to the 2016 season and I can smell the All Star game which means it is time for a first half break down. Host Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73 and Writer Brandon C Williams @bcwilliams71 will analyze the early season surprises and disappointments while we recap the news and notes of the day in the National League and of course, "Short Dog's Rant" will be a few words about the Designated Hitter. You can also find a link to this Podcast at MinorLeagueBall . com

Topics on the Agenda...

* Short Dog's Rant
--> The Designated Hitter - Can we PLEASE bring it to the NL and NOW?!?
--> How long would it take for NL teams to adapt rosters and strategy?
--> Is Batting Average a more relevant stat in the NL due to the lack of a DH?

* Players in Focus (Time  )
--> Trevor Story: Do you believe?
--> Cueto and Samardzija: Buy or Sell?

League Leaders

@ ERA Leaders
--> Joe Ross
--> Drew Pomeranz
--> Clayton Kershaw: Just how historically amazing is he right now?
--> Jason Hammel: What to make of his 2016?

@ WAR Leaders
--> Gregory Polanco
--> Steven Piscotty
--> Ben Zobrist
--> Starling Marte
--> Aledmys Diaz vs. Bryce Harper : Both have 1.8 WAR -- Who is better?

Divisional Breakdown

* The Horse Race
--> NL East:
~ Pretenders or Contenders: Phillies and Marlins?
~ Mets: Offensive Struggles?
=> "I predict they miss the playoffs" - Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73
~ Nationals: Can they continue to dominate form the bump?

--> NL Central:
~ Cubs: Are they the best team in all of baseball?
~ Is this the best division in baseball? Is it even close?

--> NL West:
~ Does 2nd place in the West have any chance at the Wild Card?

--> National League Summary
~ Internal Options to Upgrade the Major League Club
=> Pirates: Tyler Glasnow and Jameson Taillon and Josh Bell
=> Cardinals: Alex Reyes
=> Mets: Zach Wheeler - but lack offensive enhancements.
=> Nationals: Lucas Giolito and Trea Turner
=> Dodgers: Julio Urias

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