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2016 MLB Draft: Jared Horn, RHP, Vintage HS, Napa, California

Here's another 2016 MLB Draft high school arm for your consideration: right-hander Jared Horn from Vintage High School in Napa, California.

Horn came into the 2016 spring season as an intriguing athlete with limited baseball experience, having spent much of his prep career as a football and basketball player. He's chosen to concentrate on baseball (wise decision) and with his attention focused on the superior sport, his reputation and draft stock shot upward.

We start with the physicality: 6-3, 190 pounds with the athleticism of a quality quarterback who can run and throw. Reports put his fastball at 93-96 MPH (with reported peaks at 97) and he holds the velocity without much trouble. His mechanics aren't textbook and he sometimes has issues repeating them, but the fastball is so electric and the arm so quick it has yet to hurt him at the high school level. His slider, curveball, and change-up are not as good as the fastball but at his stage of development they aren't expected to be. All three show the potential to be impressive major league pitches, particularly the curveball.

Athleticism is obviously one of his best assets and he matches it with a highly competitive streak. His lack of baseball experience is a positive in the sense that he has less mileage on his arm than most high-profile California preps. It also means he has more to learn about pitching, but he's come a long way very quickly.

Horn is committed to the University of California and could present a signability risk if he falls too far. Talent-wise he would fit nicely in the compensation round, but someone might pull the trigger sooner given his upside. If the secondary pitches develop properly and he stays healthy, he could develop into a number two or three starter.

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