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2016 MLB Draft: Kevin Gowdy, RHP, Santa Barbara, California

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Here's another high school pitcher for the 2016 MLB Draft: right-hander Kevin Gowdy from high school in Santa Barbara, California.

Gowdy is not a "pop up" guy making sudden progress: he has been on the scouting radar for years, a frequent presence at showcase events. Sometimes guys like this get nitpicked a bit or become a victim of prospect fatigue since they aren't the hot new thing, but Gowdy's stock has remained steady. He entered the spring season as a potential first round or compensation round pick and he's held that position. He does have a commitment to UCLA, so if his stock falls too far he has a strong college option for leverage.

Listed at 6-4, 175, Gowdy already has a low-90s fastball that could tick up a notch if he fills out his frame; if he gets to 6-4, 200 or so he could throw very hard indeed. He already has a very good change-up for a high school pitcher, one that projects plus with more experience. His slider can be inconsistent: on the right day it is also a plus pitch, but his command of it has wobbled a bit this spring. Still, it is an advanced pitch for a prep arm.

Gowdy is athletic and has a clean delivery that he repeats well. Overall, if he continues developing at his present pace Gowdy can be a workhorse number three starter with impressive command of three quality pitches. This package could get him into the bottom half of the first round or in the early part of the comp round.

If his bonus demands are too high or if he falls through the cracks somehow, he would most likely thrive at UCLA and be a top pick again in 2019.

Human interest video from Los Angeles Times. Pitching starts at 1:02

From Skillshowvideos