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MLB Rookie Report: Adam Frazier, INF, Pittsburgh Pirates

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Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Pirates promoted infielder Adam Frazier to the major league roster today. Let's take a look

From the 2016 Baseball Prospect Book

Adam Frazier, SS, Pittsburgh Pirates
3 Minor Lge Seasons 282 1093 155 318 49 7 3 99 95 134 30 23 .291 .353 .357

2014: Grade C+: 2015: Grade C

Adam Frazier was drafted in the sixth round in 2013 from Mississippi State University. A prototype utility infielder, he is a line drive hitter with slightly above average running speed. He makes contact and will hit some doubles, but lacks home run power and isn’t likely to develop much. That said, he had enough in his bat to keep pitchers honest in Double-A last year, then followed up with a .321/.394/.571 run through the Arizona Fall League. Frazier is a solid-average defender at shortstop: average range and arm strength, but fundamentally sound. He’s looked excellent in trials at second base, could no doubt give third base a good try if asked, and even spent some time in center field last year to enhance his versatility. He can be a 24th or 25th man if the bat holds up, and I think it will. Grade C+.


Frazier was hitting .333/.421/.425 in 261 at-bats for Triple-A Indianapolis, with 29 walks and just 27 strikeouts. He's stolen 17 bases but also been caught 15 times. He's continued to see playing time at multiple positions, seeing action this year at shortstop, second base, left field, and center field.

Essentially the pre-season outlook hasn't changed: he's a line drive hitter who won't wow you with his distance power but has enough in the bat to hold his own, capable of hitting .270 or so with some doubles and a few steals. The defensive versatility is nice and at age 24 he's still a couple of years away from his prime.

This sounds like an ex-Pirate, Brock Holt, now with the Red Sox. Frazier with a bit less power but a bit more speed and defense.