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PODCAST: Week #10 National League Recap w/ Host Chris Mitchell

"A Podcast To Be Named Later" w/ Guest Brandon C Williams

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"A Podcast To Be Named Later"

Host: Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73
Guest: Brandon C Williams

The Mets are five back in the East while the Pirates have lost 7 of 10 in the Central. The Dodgers designated Carl Crawford for Assignment and Yasiel Puig is on the DL while the Giants are shopping for an outfield replacement while Hunter Pence deals with a torn hamstring.

Today on the "A Podcast To Be Named Later" we discuss the National League division races. In our "Players in Focus" segment we examine John Lackey, Ryan Braun, Zack Greinke and Wil Myers. In our "Fantasy Buy or Sell" we look inside the hot and cold players for week #10 and then there is "Short Dog's Rant" where I address personal responsibility in our society today. You can also find a link to this Podcast at

Topics on the Agenda

* Short Dog's Rant - (Time::00 - 27:00)
--> Personal Responsibility in light of the Orlando shooting

* Players in Focus - (27:00 - 58:00)
--> John Lackey under the radar
--> Zack Greinke: Getting it together?
--> Wil Myers: finally realizing his potential?
--> Ryan Braun: Is he back and is he trade-able?

* Fantasy Baseball: Buy or Sell - (58:00-1:37)
--> Danny Espinosa
--> Jay Bruce
--> Jake Lamb
--> Christian Friedrich
--> Jared Eickhoff
--> Zach Davies
--> Pirates: Collapsing or a temporary stumble?
--> Nationals: Are they separating themselves from the Pack?


* NL East
--> Mets: Impact of the Lucas Duda loss
--> Mets: How do they catch the Nationals?
--> Nationals: How do they get better before the deadline?

* NL Central
--> Cubs: Can they win 100 Games? 116?
--> Pirates: Where does this team stand?
--> Cardinals: Can they make the playoffs?
--> Cardinals: Trade Deadline predictions
--> Cardinals: Pitching needs and the impact of Alex Reyes
--> Brewers: Who stays and who goes before the deadline?
--> Reds: Dead team floating? Their future.

* NL West
--> Giants: Will they run away with the West?
--> Dodgers: Where are they as an organization?
--> D-Backs: Should they trade Paul Goldschmidt?
--> D-Backs: What do they do moving forward in 2016? 2017-2018?
--> Rockies: Should CarGo and Charlie Blackmon be on the block?
--> Rockies: Is winning in Coors impossible?

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