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2016 MLB Draft Day Three: Live Blog

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Garrett Ellwood/Getty Images

Day Three of the 2016 MLB draft begins at noon eastern time today. This will cover rounds 11-40. The last day of the draft is rapid-fire and will take place too quickly for comments on each pick to be practical, however we will have a discussion going in the comments section and we'll have links to a complete list when the draft is complete.

The next step will be a summary of each team's draft class including best picks, unusual picks, and sleeper picks; we should have those all finished and posted by Monday morning.


***College Seniors are often emphasized on the third day of the draft and our own Cookiedabookie has a list of good sleepers to watch for.

***MLB Daily Dish has a good set of interviews with top draft prospects by SB Nation's Chris Cotillo.

Here we go!