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2016 MLB Draft: Day Two live-blog

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We will live-blog the 2016 MLB draft here beginning at 1 PM Eastern, Noon Central. We will list all the picks and provide commentary in the discussion section.


78) Phillies: Cole Stobbe, RHP, Millard West HS, Omaha, Nebraska
79) Reds: Nick Hanson, RHP, Savage, Minnesota: Very intriguing hard-thrower big curveball
80) Braves: Drew Harrington, LHP, University of Louisville:  Possible fast-mover, quite polished with average stuff
81) Rockies: Garrett Hampson, SS, Long Beach State: Line drive hitter with good speed and quick glove, may wind up at second base due to arm.
82) Brewers: Braden Webb, RHP, University of South Carolina:
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83) Athletics: Sean Murphy, C, Wright State University: Excellent defensive ability, may or may not hit
84) Marlins: Thomas Jones, OF, Laurens, South Carolina: Outstanding tools, particularly speed, bat needs work.
85) Padres: Mason Thompson, RHP, Round Rock, Texas: Low-90s fastball with strong curve, Tommy John survivor.
86) White Sox: Alex Call, OF, Ball State University: Good defender with power
87) Mariners: Bryson Brigman, SS, University of San Diego Line drive hitter with quick swing
88) Red Sox: Shaun Anderson, RHP, University of Florida Good reliever with fastball up to 95; could pitch as starter in pros; would have been in most college rotations but the Gators are deep.
89) Diamondbacks: Jon Duplantier, RHP, Rice University Click here for more details
90) Rays: Austin Franklin, RHP, Paxton, Florida:
Loose arm, good velocity but raw with his command
91) Orioles: Austin Hay, OF, Jacksonville University: Power hitter with right field tools
92) Indians: Aaron Civale, RHP, Northeastern University: Very polished with plus cutter, average heat, good track record
93) Twins: Griffin Jax, RHP, United States Air Force Academy: Throws quite hard; also has good changeup; military commitment adds uncertainty but the Twins must have that worked out to select him this high.
94) Nationals: Jesus Luzardo, LHP, Parkland, Florida: Would have been a first rounder except for Tommy John
95) Giants: Heath Quinn, OF, Samford University: Power, patience, another solid college bat for the Giants
96) Angels: Nonie Williams, SS, Kansas City, Kansas: Homeschooled player with excellent tools, particularly speed and arm strength
97) Astros: Jake Rogers, C, Tulane University: Exceptional defensive catcher; scouts aren't sure he'll hit
98) Yankees: Nolan Martinez, RHP, Culver City, California: Low 90s fastball and promising curve
99) Rangers: Kole Enright, 3B, Winter Garden, Florida: Switch-hitter with power, Stetson University commitment
100) Mets: Blake Tiberi, 3B, University of Louisville: Line drive hitter with high batting averages, decent glove
101) Dodgers: Dustin May, RHP, Justin, Texas: Texas Tech commit with low-90s fastball, projectability
102) Blue Jays: Zach Jackson, RHP, University of Arkansas: Plus fastball and plus curve; does he start or relieve?
103) Royals: Khalil Lee, LHP, Centreville, Virginia: Just 5-10 but very athletic, throws hard
104) Cubs: Tom Hatch, RHP, Oklahoma State University:
Throws three pitches for strikes; polished and successful
105) Pirates: Stephen Alemais, SS, Tulane University: Renowned for glove and has a chance as a line drive bat, speed
106) Cardinals: Zac Gallen, RHP, University of North Carolina:
Polished strike-thrower won't need long


107) Phillies: Jo Jo Romero, LHP, Yavapai Junior College
108) Reds: Scott Moss, LHP, University of Florida
109) Braves: Bryse Wilson, RHP, Hillsborough, North Carolina
110) Rockies: Colton Welker, RHP, Coral Springs, Florida
111) Brewers: Corbin Burnes, RHP, St. Mary's College
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112) Athletics: Skylar Szynski, RHP, Mishawaka, Indiana Click here for more details
113) Marlins:  Sean Reynolds, RHP, Redondo Beach, California

114) Padres: Joe Lucchesi, LHP, Southeast Missouri State
115) Tigers: Kyle Funkhouser, RHP, University of Louisville:
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116) White Sox: Jameson Fisher, OF, Southeastern Louisiana: Left-handed hitter with power, polished approach
117) Mariners: Thomas Burroughs, LHP, University of Alabama Successful relief type
118) Red Sox: Bobby Dalbec, 3B, University of Arizona: Huge power but with hitting questions
119) Diamondbacks: Curtis Taylor, RHP, University of British Columbia: Throws three pitches for strikes
120) Rays: Easton McGee, RHP, Hopkinsville, Kentucky Live arm but raw with secondary pitches
121) Orioles: Brenan Hanifee, RHP, Bridgewater, Virginia
Very athletic, East Carolina commitment
122) Indians: Shane Bieber, RHP, University of California-Santa Barbara: Extremely polished with average stuff
123) Twins: Thomas Hackimer, RHP, St. John's University Senior reliever, budget pick but could move quickly
124) Nationals: Nick Banks, OF, Texas A&M Click here for more details
125) Giants: Matt Krook, LHP, University of Oregon First round arm but erratic; good pick for the Giants
126) Angels: Christopher Rodriguez, RHP, Miami Gardens, Florida
127) Astros: Brett Adcock, LHP, University of Michigan:
Throws hard but poor command
128) Yankees: Nick Nelson, RHP, Gulf Coast Community College
129) Rangers: Charles LeBlanc, SS, University of Pittsburgh
130) Mets: Michael Paez, SS, Coastal Carolina University
131) Dodgers: D.J. Peters, OF, Western Nevada Community College
132) Blue Jays: Josh Palacios, OF, Auburn University
133) Royals: Jace Vines, RHP, Texas A&M University
134) Cubs: Tyson Miller, RHP, California Baptist University
135) Pirates: Braeden Ogle, LHP, Jensen Beach, Florida
136) Jeremy Martinez, C, University of Southern California


137) Phillies: Cole Irvin, LHP, University of Oregon
138) Reds: Ryan Hendrix, RHP, Texas A&M University
139) Braves: Jeremy Walker, RHP, Gardner-Webb University
140) Rockies: Brian Serven, C, Arizona State University
141) Brewers: Zack Brown, RHP, University of Kentucky
142) Athletics: JaVon Shelby, 3B, University of Kentucky
Across-the-board tools with big league bloodlines
143) Brewers: Sam Perez, RHP, Missouri State University
144) Padres: Lake Bachar, RHP, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Terrific pick; athletic, throws strikes
145) Tigers: Mark Ecker, RHP, Texas A&M University
146) White Sox: Jimmy Lambert, RHP, Fresno State University
147) Mariners: Donnie Walton, SS, Oklahoma State University
148) Red Sox: Mike Swararyn, RHP, University of Maryland
149) Diamondbacks: Joey Rose, 3B, Toms River, New Jersey
150) Rays: Mikey York, RHP, College of Southern Nevada
151) Orioles: Alexis Torres, SS, Puerto Rico
Impressive glove with a chance to hit; good value pick
152) Indians: Conner Capel, OF, Katy, Texas
153) Twins: Jordan Balazovic, RHP, Ontario
Extremely projectable Auburn commit
154) Nationals: Daniel Johnson, OF, New Mexico State University power/speed combo
155) Giants: Ryan Howard, SS, University of Missouri Classic Giants polished college player
156) Angels: Connor Justus, SS, Georgia Tech I like him; can field, draws walks, line drive hitter
157) Astros: Abraham Toro-Hernandez, 3B, Seminole State: 80-grade name
158) Yankees: Dominique Thompson-Williams, OF, University of South Carolina 70-grade name, runs well
159) Rangers: Kyle Roberts, LHP, Henry Ford Community College
160) Mets: Colby Woodmansee, SS, Arizona State University
161) Dodgers: Devin Smeltzer, LHP,  San Jacinto College
162) Blue Jays: Cavan Biggio, 2B, Notre Dame
Have to love the bloodlines
163) Royals: Nicholas Lopez, SS, Creighton University
Excellent defensive reputation
164) Cubs: Bailey Clark, RHP, Duke University
165) Pirates: Blake Cederlind, RHP, Merced College
166) Cardinals: Walker Robbins, 1B-OF, George County High, Mississippi:
pure hitter with raw power, Mississippi State commit


167) Phillies: David Martinelli, OF, Dallas Baptist
168) Reds: Tyler Mondile, RHP, Wenonah, New Jersey
169) Braves: Matthew Gonzalez, 2B, Georgia Tech
170) Rockies: Willie Abreu, OF, University of Miami-Florida
171) Brewers: Payton Henry, C, Pleasant Grove, Utah
172) Athletics: Brandon Bailey, RHP, Gonzaga
173) Marlins: Remey Reed, RHP, Oklahoma State University
174) Padres: Will Stillman, RHP, Wofford
175) Tigers: Bryan Garcia, RHP, University of Miami-Florida
176) White Sox: Luis Curbelo, SS, Puerto Rico
177) Mariners: Brandon Miller, RHP, Millersville University
178) Red Sox: Steve Nogosek, RHP, University of Oregon
179) Diamondbacks: Mack Lemieux, LHP, Palm Beach Community College
180) Rays: Zack Trageton, RHP, Las Vegas, Nevada
181) Orioles: Tobias Myers, RHP, Winter Park, Florida
182) Indians: Ulysses Cantu, INF, Saginaw, Texas
lots of power, but glove?
183) Twins: Alex Schick, RHP, University of California
184) Nationals: Tres Barrera, C, University of Texas
185) Giants: Gio Brusa, OF, University of the Pacific
186) Angels: Cole Duensing, RHP, Overland Park, Kansas
187) Astros: Stephen Wrenn, OF, University of Georgia
188) Yankees: Bruce Kriske, RHP, USC
189) Rangers: Kyle Cody, RHP, University of Kentucky
click here for more details
190) Mets: Christopher Viall, RHP, Stanford University
191) Dodgers: Errol Robinson, SS, University of Mississippi
good glove but questionable bat
192) Blue Jays: David Daniels, OF, Wilson, North Carolina
193) Royals: Cal Jones, OF, Dadeville, Alabama
194) Cubs: Chad Hawkin, RHP, Cal State Fullerton
195) Pirates: Cam Vieaux LHP, Michigan State University
196) Cardinals: Tommy Edman, SS, Stanford


197) Phillies: Henri Lartigue, C, University of Mississippi
198) Reds: Andy Cox, LHP, University of Tennessee
199) Braves: J.B. Moss, OF, Texas A&M
200) Rockies: Reid Humphries, RHP, Mississippi State University
201) Brewers: Daniel Brown, LHP, Mississippi State University
202) Athletics: Tyler Ramirez, OF, University of North Carolina
203) Marlins: Corey Bird, OF, Marshall University
204) Padres: Dan Dallas, LHP, Buffalo, New York
205) Tigers: Austin Sodders, LHP, University of California-Riverside
206) White Sox: Bernardo Flores, LHP, USC
207) Mariners: Matt Festa, RHP, East Stroudsburg University
208) Red Sox: Ryan Scott, OF, University of Arkansas-Little Rock
209) Diamondbacks: Jordan Watson, LHP, University of Science and Arts, Oklahoma
210) Rays: J.D. Busfield, RHP, Loyola Marymount
211) Orioles: Preston Palmeiro, 1B, North Carolina State University
212) Indians: Michael Tinsley, C, University of Kansas
extremely good strike zone judgment
213) Twins: Matt Albanese, OF, Bryant University
214) Nationals: Jacob Noll, 2B, Florida Gulf Coast University
215) Giants: Garrett Williams, LHP, Oklahoma State University
216) Angels: Jordan Zimmerman, 2B, Michigan State University
217) Astros: Tyler Buffett, RHP, Oklahoma State University
218) Yankees: Keith Skinner, C, University of North Florida
Another good plate discipline bat, but power?
219) Rangers: Sam Huff, C; Phoenix, Arizona
220) Mets: Austin McGeorge, RHP, Long Beach State University
221) Dodgers: Luke Raley, OF, Lake Erie College
222) Blue Jays: Andy Revel, RHP, Kent State University
223) Royals: Travis Eckert, RHP, Oregon State University
224) Cubs: Michael Cruz, C, Bethune-Cookman
impressive power production
225) Pirates: Brent Gibbs, C, Central Arizona College
226) Cardinals: Andrew Knizner, C, North Carolina State University


227) Phillies: Grant Dyer, RHP, UCLA
228) Reds: John Sansone, 2B, Florida State University
229) Braves: Taylor Hyssong, LHP, UNC-Wilmington
230) Rockies: Ty Culbreath, LHP, University of Texas
231) Brewers: Francisco Thomas, SS, Osceola, Florida
232) Athletics: Will Gilbert, LHP, North Carolina State University
233) Marlins: Aaron Knapp, OF, University of California
234) Padres: Benjamin Scheckler, LHP, Cornerstone University
235) Tigers: Jacob Robson, OF, Mississippi State University
236) White Sox: Nolan Nathan, C, St. Mary's University
237) Mariners: Nick Zammarelli, 3B, Elon University
238) Red Sox: Alan Marrero, C, Puerto Rico
239) Diamondbacks: Ryan January, C, San Jacinto College
240) Rays: Ken Rosenberg, LHP, Cal State Northridge
241) Orioles: Ryan Moseley, RHP, Texas Tech
242) Indians: Andrew Lantrip, RHP, University of Houston
243) Twins: Shane Carrier, OF, Fullerton Junior College
244) Nationals: A.J. Bogucki, RHP, University of North Carolina
245) Giants: Stephen Woods, RHP, University of Albany
246) Angels: Troy Montgomery, OF, The Ohio State University
247) Astros: Nick Hernandez, RHP, University of Houston
248) Yankees: Dalton Blaser, 1B, Cal State Fullerton
249) Rangers: Tai Tiedemann, RHP, Long Beach Community College
250) Mets; Placido Torres, LHP, Tusculum College
251) Dodgers: Andre Scrubb, RHP, High Point University
252) Blue Jays: Kyle Weatherly, RHP, Grayson Community College
253) Royals: Chris DeVito, 1B, University of New Mexico
254) Cubs: Stephen Ridings, RHP, Haverford College
255) Pirates: Dylan Prohoroff, RHP, Cal State Fullerton
256) Cardinals: Sam Tewes, RHP, Wichita State University

257) Phillies: Blake Quinn, RHP, Cal State Fullerton
258) Reds: Alex Webb, RHP, University of British Columbia
259) Braves: Tyler Neslony, OF, Texas Tech
260) Rockies: Justin Calomeni, RHP, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
261) Brewers: Trey York, 2B, East Tennessee State
262) Athletics: Dalton Sawyer, LHP, University of Minnesota
263) Marlins: Jarett Rindfleisch, C, Ball State University
264) Padres: Jesse Scholtens, RHP, Wright State University
265) Tigers: Daniel Pinero, SS, University of Virginia
266) White Sox: Max Dutto, SS, Menlo College
267) Mariners: Jason Goldstein, C, University of Illinois
268) Red Sox: Matt McLean, OF, University of Texas-Arlington
269) Diamondbacks: Tommy Eveld, RHP, University of South Florida
270) Rays: Peter Bayer, RHP, Cal Poly Pomona
271) Orioles: Lucas Humpal, RHP, Texas State University
272) Indians: Hosea Nelson, OF, Clarendon College
273) Twins: Mitchell Kranson, C, University of California
274) Nationals: Joey Harris, C, Gonzaga
275) Giants: Caleb Baragar, LHP, Indiana University
276) Angels: Michael Barash, C, Texas A&M
277) Astros: Ryan Hartman, LHP, Tennessee Wesleyan
278) Yankees: Tim Lynch, 1B, University of Southern Mississippi
279) Rangers: Hever Bueno, RHP, Arizona State University
80-grade name
280) Mets: Colin Holderman, RHP, Heartland Community College
281) Dodgers: Anthony Gonsolin, RHP, St. Mary's College
282) Blue Jays: Nick Hartman, RHP, Old Dominion
283) Royals: Walker Sheller, RHP, Stetson University
284) Cubs: Duncan Robinson, RHP, Dartmouth
285) Pirates: Clark Egan, OF, University of Arkansas
286) Cardinals: Matt Fiedler, OF, University of Minnesota


287) Phillies: Julian Garcia, RHP, Metro State University
288) Reds: Lucas Benenati, RHP, Kansas State University
289) Braves: Marcus Mooney, SS, University of South Carolina
290) Rockies: Vince Fernandez, OF, University of California-Riverside
291) Brewers: Blake Fox, LHP, Rice University
292) Athletics: Mitchell Jordan, RHP, Stetson University
293) Marlins: Dylan Lee, LHP, Fresno State University
294) Padres: Boomer White, INF, Texas A&M University
pure hitter, average, OBP, glove??
295) Tigers: Sam Machonis, OF, Florida Southern College
296) White Sox: Zach Remillard, 3B, Coastal Carolina University
297) Mariners: David Greer, 3B, Arizona State University
good solid hitter for average, OBP; glove?
298) Red Sox: Santiago Espinal, SS, Miami Dade Community College South
299) Diamondbacks: Stephen Smith, OF, Texas Tech
300) Rays: Spencer Jones, RHP, University of Washington
301) Orioles: Cody Dube, RHP, Keene State College
302) Indians: Samad Taylor, SS, Corona, California
303) Twins: Brandon Lopez, SS, University of Miami-Florida
outstanding defense, good choice in this spot
304) Nationals: Paul Panacione, SS, Grand Canyon University
305) Giants: Alex Bostic, LHP, Clemson University
yet another possible steal for the Giants
306) Angels: Andrew Vinson, RHP, Texas A&M
307) Astros: Dustin Hunt, RHP, Northeastern University
308) Yankees: Trevor Lane, LHP, University of Illinois-Chicago
309) Rangers: Josh Merrigan, RHP, Georgia Gwinnett College
310) Mets: Gene Cone, OF, University of South Carolina
311) Dodgers: Kevin Lachance, SS, University of Maryland Baltimore
312) Blue Jays: Kirby Snead, LHP, University of Florida
313) Royals: Richard Lovelady, LHP, Kennesaw State University
314) Cubs: Dakota Mekkes, RHP, Michigan State University
315) Pirates: Matthew Anderson, RHP, Morehead State University
316) Cardinals: Danny Hudzina, 3B, Western Kentucky University