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2016 MLB Draft: Day Two morning discussion

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Good morning everyone, and welcome to Day Two of the 2016 MLB Draft. The festivities get underway again starting at 1 PM Eastern Time with rounds three through 10. We will have another thread going up right before the draft starts for live-blogging purposes and we'll list every pick and will provide commentary on key choices.

Use this thread for morning discussion.

***Are you happy with how your team did last night?

***Who got the best value so far? Who did the worst? Who is running the biggest risk, and who will get the largest payoff?

Some comments of my own:

****The San Francisco Giants did extremely well to get Vanderbilt outfielder Bryan Reynolds in the second round. I think he's a mid first round talent so he's a total steal there.

****Kyle Lewis from Mercer to the Mariners at Number 11 could be a real coup as well.

****Reggie Lawson to the Padres at Number 71 could also be huge value.

****My favorite team, the Minnesota Twins, went upside-heavy with four high schoolers: outfielder Alex Kirilloff, catcher Ben Rortvedt, shortstop Jose Miranda, and outfielder Akil Baddoo. My Shadow Twins will go with Eric Lauer instead in the first round, but will stick with Rortvedt in the second. I only get one compensation pick since I drafted Jacob Nix instead of Kyle Cody last year and will go with Baddoo for that pick. I don't know what the Real Twins will do from here, but the Shadow universe will turn to pitching.