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Minor League Ball daily notes, May 3, 2016

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Michael Conforto
Michael Conforto
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the Tuesday, May 3rd edition of Minor League Ball daily notes. Here are some discussion items and links for today.

***My work plans this morning got scotched when I woke up barfing about 3 AM. I felt horrible so I slept this morning, but I woke up a bit ago and feel much better. Food poisoning? Quick bug? Who knows. In any event I'm a bit behind with the daily writing but will catch up.

***I have some good news on the book front. The printing company is finally finished with the binding and the books will be delivered later this week. That means we should start the mass shipping process this weekend. I will keep you updated and will do a special post when the books are actually delivered and start going out.

***At Beyond the Boxscore today, Joe Vasile looks at New York Mets outfielder Michael Conforto's hard hit batted ball data and spray chart.

***At FakeTeams, Quinn Canelias looks at Texas Rangers right-hander A.J. Griffin, his curveball, his hair, and his regained relevance.

***Red Sox "third baseman" Pablo Sandoval is out for the year with shoulder surgery. I assume this comes as a surprise to exactly no one. If you want to be optimistic, perhaps the physical rehabilitation work necessary to strengthen the shoulder once the surgery is finished will help Sandoval get back into some semblance of playing condition. He looks a lot more like a sedentary baseball analyst than a player at this point.

***At Fangraphs, Craig Edwards looks at the history of PED suspensions and attempts to identify cases where a team was duped into giving a contract to a player on PEDs who later turned out to be not worth the money.

***At Baseball America, Ben Badler looks at Dansby Swanson vs. Ozzie Albies: which one will be the shortstop and which one will be the second baseman? The Braves have a fun choice to make there.

***At, Sam Dykstra notes that Royals prospect Hunter Dozier has turned things around, leading the Texas League in slugging and ranking second in OPS.