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"A Podcast To Be Named Later" w/ Host Chris Mitchell

Week #7 A.L. Recap w/ RotoExperts Staff Writer Brandon C Williams @BCWilliams71

Adam Eaton
Adam Eaton
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports
"A Podcast To Be Named Later"

Host Chris Mitchell
Guest Brandon C Williams

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With seven weeks of baseball in the books we are starting to see the American League pennant races take shape. The Red Sox and Orioles are bashing their way to the top of the American League East while the Toronto Blue Jays are fighting their way to stay in the race. The Chicago White Sox are pitching their way to an early American league Central lead with the Cleveland Indians nipping at their heels and the Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers look like the class of the AL West while the Houston Astros look to be the biggest disappointment in the early stages of the 2016 season.

In Week #7's "A Podcast to Be Named Later" we covered the following topics:

* Short Dog's Rant
- Relevant Stats of the 2016 Season
~ Hot players in Week #7
~ Early season Pitching & Hitting surprises
--> Jackie Bradley Jr.: 27 Game hitting streak
--> Colby Lewis: 2.75 ERA - 1.10 Whip (10th best in the AL)
--> Rich Hill: 2.54 ERA (7th best in the AL)
~ WAR leaders
--> Adam Eaton - 3.0
--> Red Sox have six of the highest 16 payers in WAR
~ Team Stats of Note
--> Red Sox lead in Runs scored (256) by 55 over second place Mariners
--> Red Sox Pitchers lead AL in Strikeouts (391)
--> Chi Sox Lead AL in ERA (3.15) -- Blue Jays are 3rd (3.61)
--> Twins pitchers have allowed the most home runs (62)
--> Orioles have the least amount of stolen bases in the AL with SIX -

* Players in Focus

~ Khris Davis: Low OBP, Low Batting Average, High Strikeouts and Home Runs

~ Prince Fielder struggling - is he done as a productive player?

~ Robinson Cano: 2nd in Home Runs in the AL - almost entirely on the road.

~ Pitchers of Note

--> Jordan Zimmerman/Rich Hill/Marco Estrada/Colby Lewis/Cole Hamels/

--> Regression Candidates: Rich Hill - Aaron Sanchez - Ian Kennedy

* Divisional Horse Races

~ AL East

--> Can the O's and Blue Jays Pitching hold up?

~ AL Central

--> Is this a weak division or a competitive one?

--> White Sox Pitching great - struggling at the plate.

~ AL West

--> Are the Mariners & Rangers the class of the division?

--> Can the Wild Card come out of the West?

--> Will Yu Darvish be the difference maker in the division?

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