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Minor League Ball Gameday, May 24, 2016

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Alex Dickerson
Alex Dickerson
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the May 24th, 2016 edition of Minor League Ball Gameday. Here are some baseball news and prospect items for your consideration.

****San Diego Padres prospect Alex Dickerson now has a 21-game hitting streak for Triple-A El Paso.

****Eight strikeouts for Arizona Diamondbacks prospect Braden Shipley last night for Triple-A Reno.

****Although it was Ryan Merritt who got the call to Cleveland yesterday, fellow Indians prospect Shawn Morimondo also bears close watching. The southpaw already has eight wins for Double-A Akron, with a 1.87 ERA in nine starts. His K/BB could be better at 37/22 in 53 innings, but so far Eastern League hitters haven't been able to do much with him.

****Domenic Lanza at Faketeams gives his take on the promotion of Rangers prospect Joey Gallo and the fantasy implications.

****MLB is considering eliminating the four-pitch intentional walk. Al Yellon at Bleed Cubbie Blue thinks this is a bad idea. I agree with Al. What do you think?

****Dave Cameron looks at the Brian Matusz trade between the Orioles and Braves, focusing on the draft pick implications for both clubs.

The daily prospect spreadsheet should be restored to operational status by the end of the coming weekend. Thank you for your patience.

Use the comment thread below to discuss all the prospect happenings of today with your fellow fans!