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2016 MLB Draft: Josh Lowe, 3B, Marietta, Georgia

Josh Lowe is a third baseman/pitcher from Pope high school in Marietta, Georgia. Well-known to scouts from years on the showcase circuit, Lowe is a prospect as both a hitter and a pitcher but his performance this spring has convinced most that his future belongs in the batter's box.

Lowe is a left-handed hitter and right-handed thrower, listed at 6-4, 190, born February 2nd, 1998. As a pitcher Lowe features a fastball in the 90-94 MPH range, a promising slider, and premium athleticism and projectability. He would be a candidate for an early draft slot as a pitcher, perhaps as high as the late first round.

Pitching video from Prospect Pipeline

Lowe, however, prefers to play every day and he's done enough over the last year to convince most teams to let him do that. At his best, the ball jumps off his bat with strong power to the right side, rated as plus/plus power by some sources, standing out as the main positive. He can be somewhat inconsistent as a hitter but once he becomes full-time in pro ball he should be able to smooth that out. Lowe runs well for a bigger guy and is a fine athlete; he obviously has a strong arm, too, and projects well at third base or any of the outfield spots.

Committed to Florida State, Lowe should be signable if he goes where his talent warrants. He has been rumored as early as the middle of the first round and would be unlikely to slip into the compensation area.

Video from Mike Czechanski