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A Podcast To Be Named Later with Chris Mitchell

Max Scherzer plus, the Week #6 AL Recap

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"A Podcast To Be Named Later"

Host: Chris Mitchell
Guest: Brandon C Williams

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My weekly AL Recap Podcast "A Podcast To Be Named Later" aired live at 2pm EST Sunday with guest Brandon C Williams of and we touched on a lot of topics.

In our Players in Focus segment we discussed David Ortiz's amazing final season, debated Jose Reyes and whether his suspension was excessive or lenient and we compared Max Scherzer's 20 strikeout gem to no-hitters and perfect games. Then we got down and dirty and looked inside the American League divisional races.

The Topics for Debate:

Players in Focus

Max Scherzer:
**The brilliance of 20 strikeouts in a game:
Is it more impressive than a no hitter or perfect game?

David Ortiz:
**40 years old
**Batting .320 with 10 home runs, .405 OBP & 1.101 OPS

**Should he retire if he continues to perform like this?

Jose Reyes
**51 game suspension - 7.3 Million dollars lost

**Is it too lenient or too harsh?
**We can't trust Roger Goodell to use good judgement, can we trust Rob Manfred to do it right and responsibly?

American League Division Breakdown

AL East
**Red Sox
: The scorching offense
: Can they sustain their great pitching?
: Offense disappointing? Pitching over performing?
: Can the Power Pen save their season?
: Are they still in the race?

AL Central

**White Sox: Is this division already over?
**Is this division 2016's version of the 2015 NL East?

AL West

Rangers: They have upside to improve that others don't
**Prince Fielder really, really struggling

**Yu Darvish impact & expected return
**Astros: a lot going wrong with this team

**Lance McCullers impact?

**Carlos Gomez struggles
**Altuve the only saving grace for the Astros
**Can the Astros turn 15 wins into 88-90?

**A.J. Reed & Alex Bregman promotions?
**Could they trade for a starter this early?

**What is a "sell off" like with a young team like this?

Predictions and Projections

**The Early season end of the AL Central Race
**Aroldis Chapman or Andrew Miller: Rangers to be

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