A's MOD #2: Supplementary, my dear Watson

Yes...yes I did go there, and I do not regret it nearly as much as I should. Now if only there was a top target in this range named Watson, that would make it perfect.

So the A's have the #37 pick which is technically a compensation pick but that doesn't work in a cringe-worthy pun. Then ten picks later in the 2nd round the A's have the #47 pick. The obvious choice is whoever drops out of the 1st round. There's always someone who's a surprise.

If I were to go with some strategy in mind, I'd probably look at a polished high school bat first player like Joe Rizzo, Carter Kieboom, Hunter Bishop or Ben Rortvedt and a college starting pitcher like Eric Lauer, Corbin Burnes, Justin Dunn, or TJ Zeuch. I would say Josh Duplantier but he goes to Rice and the reputation surrounding the overused pitchers is strong. If I don't go with a college pitcher, then I'd want a college catcher since there seem to be a few clumped in the 30-50 range: Chris Okey, Sean Murphy, Matt Thaiss. That said, my preference if I'm going to take a college catcher is to wait until the third or fourth round since they all seem to have their lumps.

Things could go a lot of different ways having two picks so close together yet not one right after the other like other teams have it. I will say, if I do decide to go with an autocratical (not a word, don't care) choice at some point, it'd probably be one of these picks since I really really like a couple players' profiles who it may seem like a reach to take them in that range. It'd only be with one of the picks though, if I choose to do that.

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