Brewers MOD #1

Well, folks, we're back at it again. This time rather than drafting in the middle of the draft, the Brewers have the #5 pick, which should help them bolster their already strong farm system. Based on Ray Montgomery's draft history and the overall trend of the Brewers' drafts, I think it's likely that they'll be going with high school picks for at least the first round pick, whereas we may see a mixed bag of high-risk, high-reward high school and collegiate players later on in the draft.

This year the Brewers have picks #5, 46, 75, 82, and 111 throughout the first 4 rounds. For this MOD I'm going to address the #5 pick and will move on to the later picks in future MODs.

To cut to the chase, here's the list of players I'm considering for the 5th overall pick:

Delvin Perez, SS- Why stick with one whiz at SS when you can have another? Perez is also a very talented shortstop with the skills and tools to stick at the position for years to come. Granted, there's also Orlando Arcia, but for the time being talent first, positioning later. The bat is behind the glove at this point, but if he improves upon that he may become a future All-Star.

Riley Pint, RHP- Aside from the fitting name, there's a lot to like about Pint. Triple-digits fastball, plus breaking ball, and a potential for a good changeup. I have read that there are some concerns regarding his delivery and command, but with the sky-high ceiling he may be worth drafting. The Brewers haven't had a home-grown TOR starter since Ben Sheets (Gallardo wasn't really an ace), but Pint may change that if he is able to reach his ceiling.

Mickey Moniak, OF- Considered to be among the best HS outfield prospects in the draft, Moniak has the ability to stay in CF and has a good approach with the bat with potential to add more strength in the future. The Brewers have plenty of OF prospects in their system, but it doesn't hurt to stockpile quality talent.

Blake Rutherford, OF- Another very good outfield prospect, Rutherford provides solid defense in the outfield and has above average power. He may need to move to right field at some point in the future, but he has the bat to make it work.

Jason Groome, LHP- Considered to be the best pitcher, if not the best prospect, in the draft, Groome has the potential to be the TOR left-handed pitcher the Brewers have been missing since... forever. However, it is unlikely that he's going to be around by the time the Brewers pick. But if he is around, it'll be very difficult to pass on him.

AJ Puk, LHP- Sure, the Brewers have been trending towards HS players recently, but if there's a talented collegiate player around then it could be worth it to deviate from the trend. Puk has great raw stuff, especially coming from a left-handed pitcher, but can struggle with command. If the Brewers can iron out the command issues then they may have a TOR starter in the system. As stated with Groome, I doubt he's going to be around when the Brewers pick, but in the unlikely case he is, he would be difficult to pass up.

So there you have it, the players I'm considering for the first round pick. If you guys have any suggestions, feel free to comment and discuss.

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