White Sox MOD #1

Hey all. I've conducted a few mock drafts before, manning the Dodgers, but was late to the party this time around. I missed doing this last year and am looking forward to the process again.

The White Sox are an interesting org. The system is rail thin, but luckily they're having early success at the major league level. Hopefully they can replenish the farm with a strong draft class. A pair of first rounders should help the cause.

My general approach is best player available and, since I haven't run the mock for the White Sox before, I figure that's a safe plan. With the first pick at #10, I feel like there should be an impact player available. At #26, hopefully a player falls out of the top 20.

For the 10th pick, I'm looking at guys like Rutherford, Perez, Senzel and Hudson (thinking others will be gone). Who do you think fits best at 10 and 26? Let's get a conversation going. If you have thoughts on who to target for the other picks I'm happy to listen. Just trying to get a feel for the board with this first MOD. I look forward to getting some feedback.

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