Astros MOD #1

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first Astros MOD for the community mock draft. The Astros hold picks 17, 61, 97, and 128, which is much later than the previous years, where they have picked at the top of the first round. Because they don't hold a sandwich round pick, pick #17 will be very critical to lock up a player we really like since they will probably not be available again at 61. The draft pool allotment this year is not as high, at just $4,634,700 in the first four rounds, which is the extent that this mock draft will cover, so it will be difficult to get creative like previous years with Daz Cameron, Lance McCullers, and Rio Ruiz.

In the MLB Draft. the general rule is to always take the Best Player Available, regardless of system need, but organizational depth at each position should always be taken into account. The Astros have a serious deficiency in the system of catchers (although Stubbs, Ritchie, and Hermelyn all have some upside) and left handed starting pitchers (Holmes is the only one off the top of my head). Chris Okey (Clemson) and Matt Thiass (Virginia) are two intriguing catchers, and Anthony Kay (UConn) is a solid lefty. They could also go the high school route for some higher upside talent. Feel free to discuss and give some suggestions below!

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