Cardinals MOD #1: Basics

Woo hoo, 2nd year in a row. Though this time thanks to lomo45 who swapped out with me for the Pirates.

Did this last yr and got 2 picks exactly right in comparison to the actual draft. Bryce Denton in the 2nd, and Harrison Bader in the 3rd. I almost took Carson Cross as my fill in for the 4th, but went BPA from my draftboard instead and mentioned if the mock went a 5th round, I'd have taken him then. The real Cardinals drafted Carson Cross later. So I'd like to think I have a bit of feel for what they'd do.

I'm a believer in BPA. But this year with 3 picks together near top, may spread it out regarding positions. Kind of depends on how the mock falls, as well as my draftboard which hasn't really been put together yet.

Obviously I don't have scouts to work off of, so I look at this kind of info as my scouting department...

MLB Mock Draft Databases

Prospect Lists/Draft Boards

Good Draft Information websites

NCAA Division 1 Baseball boxscores

Our Picks & Actual Bonus Slot Values
$2,222,500 - #23 - Rd 1
$1,909,500 - #33 - Compensation for Heyward
$1,909,500 - #34 - Compensation for Lackey
$920,100 - #70 - Rd 2
$563,100 - #106 - Rd 3
$421,600 - #136 - Rd 4
$315,600 - #166 - Rd 5
$236,400 - #196 - Rd 6
$185,300 - #226 - Rd 7
$172,900 - #256 - Rd 8
$161,700 - #286 - Rd 9
$156,600 - #316 - Rd 10

How bonuses work is that the Cardinals will be allotted certain amounts for all picks in the first 10 rounds (BA approximates a total of $9,080,700). Then for rounds 11-40, can offer up to $100,000 per selection. But any amount towards a single player higher than $100,000 will go towards the overall team allotment. They can go 5% over their total allotment before incurring a major penalty but must pay a luxury tax of 75% of that overage amount. That overage amount this year is $454,035.

When I can I try to take the money into account and am a believer in senior signings when needed. Last year, even used a MOD as a senior sign resource.

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