MOD Dodgers #1

It's that time of the year again! Welcome to the first MOD for the LA Dodgers for 2016.

I'd like for this first post to discuss draft theory and strategy for the Dodgers as a whole and then move into specific targets in specific rounds.

2015 was the first draft ran by the new front office and not Logan White, so we get a glimpse into what the organization may value and a couple of things stuck out to me. One, was that the Dodgers were not afraid of high upside high school bats in Mitch Hanson and Brendan Davis with the Dodgers going significantly overslot for Davis in the 5th round and looking past his wrist fracture injury. Second, it looks like the Dodgers prefer big college pitchers with power stuff as evidenced with Walker Buehler, Kyle Funkhouser (unsigned), Josh Sborz, etc and their first HS pitcher was selected in the 11th round. Lastly, they're less afraid of risk due to having an already top rated farm system and will take best BPA or best value such as the Buehler selection.

With 4 picks in the top 65, I expect the Dodgers to be creative again but since there's only 4 rounds in this draft I'm not going to save any money for future rounds as in rounds 5 and beyond but I may go underslot on a pick to reallocate money for other picks. The Dodgers went college pitching heavy early last year, and I think they would snag a top college starter again if they fell (i.e. Dakota Hudson or Connor Jones) but there's a lot of good high school pitching and hitting available with those early picks. With their of top pitching prospects knocking at the door, the Dodgers have always valued pitching and may want to restock. I would consider going after upside with the first couple of picks and supplementing that with some college picks as of now.

Dodger current draft picks and slot values:

Round Pick Slot value
1 20 $2,316,300
1 32 $1,940,700
Comp 36 $1,791,700
2 65 $993,800
3 101 $590,800
4 131 $442,400

I look forward to comments and discussions from not just Dodgers fans but all baseball fans.

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