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Welcome to the San Francisco Giants 2016 MOD.

This will be my first year participating in the community draft. I'm a Mariners Minors fan (hailing from central Washington State), but thought I'd take a chance on the opportunity to learn about upcoming draft prospects and become more familiar with another West Coast team but from the National League. I've had some interest in the Giants for quite a while. My first ever baseball player autograph came from Kelly Downs back in '87 or '88.

Due to signing Jeff Samardzija, the Giants don't have a 1st round pick. In fact, the Giants have one of the smallest draft pool allotments with a total bonus pool of $3,494,900. The Giants first selection is in round 2 at #59. That pick will be followed by 3rd rounder #95 and fourth rounder #125. Recent Giants draft history shows a tendency to favor College arms. Given that the Giants' draft pool is so small, I assume college players will be given more of a look. We are in luck, though, in BAs preseason Top 100 there are many College RHPs who could be in that 2nd Round range where the Giants select. There are relatively fewer College LHPs, SSs, and OFs with 2nd round grades though. Let me know what you think Giants fans.

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