Mets MOD #1

Draft season is among us yet again!

This initial MOD we will be discussing draft theory. Later MOD's will focus on individual rounds. To that end I encourage everyone to read cookiedabookie's excellent statistical analysis of 2011-2015 selections.

The two patterns I see clearly is a desire for 4th Round college bats and they are not afraid to spend 2nd or 3rd round picks on slightly off the board projectable arms that have upside either due to physical projection or by cleaning up a funky delivery.

The Mets are in a unique position this year, having two first round picks. Usually they are lucky to have one. The Mets have generally followed slot recommendations early on and use any of the 5% cushion in Rounds 11-40. That being said, there is usually two (give or take one) senior sign in the Round 7-10 area to provide a little breathing room early on. However, don't expect the Mets to burn their load buying out a solid Vanderbilt commitment.

According to Baseball America the Mets have been targeting high school hitters. This makes sense as the college crop is extremely weak this year, especially in terms of power potential which the Mets lack in their system. Although the Mets have taken a lot of prep arms in recent years, I would consider especially at #31 looking the college route as they could use someone with starter upside who can move faster as insurance for if deGrom and/or Harvey leave as FA and trades have sapped the upper minors of pitching depth.

Look forward to your comments as I want to hear as many voices as possible. This Mock Draft is for all Mets fans, not just my opinion of the franchise.

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