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Minor League Ball Gameday Update

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An update on the status of the Gameday series.

Now that the MLB is under way, the next Opening Day to look forward to is in a mere three days as full season minor leagues are kicking off April 7th. If you are new to the site and unfamiliar with the Minor League Ball Gameday series, it features probable starters for the day's slate of games, the "Duels of the Day" which highlight some of the best pitching match ups of the day, links to the previous three Gameday articles, and of course the spreadsheet.

The Gameday spreadsheet is a labor of love, aggregating the daily statistics of nearly 500 players last year. Not only are John's Top 175 Prospects tracked, players that were "In the Picture" for inclusion on the back end of the list, John's personal sleeper picks, and players that got the "High Ceiling" tag are tracked as well. I also will be keeping track of the players who signed the biggest signing bonuses of the last four international draft classes.

I am in the final stages of preparing the spreadsheet with a little behind the scenes work to do, and finding out where all these players will start the season. As a handy reminder to how the spreadsheet is laid out, the first thing you will see is a primer that lays out what and where everything is. To find the stats for all the players, click on the tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Everything should be wrapped up in time for the first games Thursday night. I can't wait to bring you guys another year of numbery goodness for you to enjoy.