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Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Here's a crowdsourcing group participation project.

I got a question recently asking if there was any hope for Boston Red Sox outfielder Rusney Castillo. Seen as a lineup mainstay when he was signed out of Cuba back in the summer of 2014, Castillo got off to a good start but has been disappointing over the last year. At this point his stock is down considerably from where it was when he came out of Cuba, to the point where he opens 2016 as the right-handed part of an outfield platoon with Brock Holt. That's not what the Red Sox are spending $72,000,000 for.

Once a player gets to the majors and moves past rookie status, I tend to lose some focus on them and turn my attention to newer prospects on the way up (since that's my job after all). In Castillo's case, I know he tends to hit the ball on the ground too much and has an impatient approach, but I haven't watched enough Red Sox games lately to comment in a more specific way or give an honest answer on the chances that he can improve.

So I'm kicking this question to the Minor League Ball community. If you are a Red Sox fan, or if you are just someone who has seen Castillo play frequently, or if you want to dive deep into the sabermetrics, tell us about Rusney Castillo, and what you see, and your read on what his problems are and his chances to correct them.