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Podcast: American League Recap with Sirius XM's George Kurtz

"A Podcast to Be Named Later" w/ Host Chris Mitchell & Guest George Kurtz

Paul Molitor
Paul Molitor
Andy King/Getty Images

A Podcast To Be Named Later

Hosted by Chris Mitchell

Guest: George Kurtz of


Host Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73 and Guest @GeorgeKurtz of SiriusXm Radio and discuss the opening of the 2016 Major League Baseball season in the American league. Are the Orioles the best of the best in the AL East? Are the Twins going to go 0-162?. You can also find a link to this Podcast at

To Listen to the Podcast Click this Link:


My Show Notes for the Podcast:

- How Baseball should do more to utilize social media and twitter
- Pace of play and the delays: are the new time rules helping the game or making no difference?
- Trevor Story thoughts from George Kurtz
- How insane is the early season hype?
- Robinson Cano start

AL East
- Can Pablo Sandoval distraction ruin their season?
- Rays offensive struggles
- Yankees: Castro looks good - Headley looks bad (Sandoval screwed NY) - Arod looks awful
- Orioles: Can REALLY MASH - can the staff hold up?
- Jays/O's a series of mashers - great H2H match up.

AL Central
- Chi Sox early season - joke schedule
- Tigers: They can hit and will all season. Staff is a concern

AL West
- Astros: can really mash
- Mariners: not a buyer or a seller. Bullpen a concern.
- Rangers: They will hit - What do they do with all their depth/clutter.

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