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Injured Prospects Community Project

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Ever wanted to lend a helping hand to us here at Minor League Ball? Now is your chance!

Is there something on my face?
Is there something on my face?
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Last year we began tracking injured prospects in the Gameday series. I'll be completely honest with you, that was a daunting task to say the least, even with the random tip from a community member. To help free up some time I'm hoping the community can give me a bigger hand this year.

As I was putting the finishing touches on the spreadsheet for the Gameday (which is now up and running!) yesterday, I came across a number of names yet to get into a game this year. I'll list those prospects and if you have any information, please help find out what ailments are putting these guys on the disabled list. Links to sources would be very helpful as well.

Don't think I'm pawning off all the work on y'all. I'll be doing my part researching these things by getting in touch with some of my contacts around the game, as well as the good ole Google and Twitter searches.

As of April 18th, here is the list of players spending more time in the trainers room than the diamond.

  • CF Austin Meadows, Pittsburgh Pirates
  • CF Anthony Alford, Toronto Blue Jays
  • 1B/CF Cody Bellinger, Los Angeles Dodgers
  • C/1B Tom Murphy, Colorado Rockies
  • RHP Jose De Leon, Los Angeles Dodgers
  • RHP Luke Weaver, St. Louis Cardinals
  • RHP Kyle Zimmer, Kansas City Royals
  • RHP Hunter Harvey, Baltimore Orioles
  • LHP Tim Cooney, St. Louis Cardinals
  • RHP Nick Burdi, Minnesota Twins
  • SS JaCoby Jones, Detroit Tigers
  • SS Richie Martin, Oakland Athletics
  • SS Yairo Munoz, Oakland Athletics
  • SS Cole Tucker, Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 1B Chris Shaw, San Francisco Giants
  • RHP Duane Underwood, Chicago Cubs
  • RHP Spencer Turnbull, Detroit Tigers
  • LHP Kevin Ziomek, Detroit Tigers
  • RHP Cody Ponce, Milwaukee Brewers
  • RHP Nick Kingham, Pittsburgh Pirates
  • LHP Stephen Tarpley, Pittsburgh Pirates