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Minor League Ball daily notes, April 1, 2016

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Jeff Haynes/Getty Images

Good morning everyone and welcome to today's edition of Minor League Ball daily notes, for April 1st, 2016. This is an April Fool free zone! Here are some baseball news links for your edification and amusement. We will be doing this every day during the regular season, in conjunction with Nick Melotte's daily Gameday threads.

****Over at McCovey Chronicles, author Roger takes a look at San Francisco Giants prospect Jalen Miller, including personal observations from spring training as well as video. Take a look.

****Minnesota Twins relief pitching prospect Nick Burdi has been placed on the disabled list with "forearm tightness" according to La Velle E. Neal III at the Star Tribune.

****Brett Balantini at has the second part of his interview with Arizona Diamondbacks GM Dave Stewart.

****David Schoenfield at points us to a Bill James comment regarding the Red Sox picking up a tell from an opposing catcher in a playoff series that supposedly cost said opposing team the series.

****August Fagerstrom at Fangraphs looks at the real winners and losers of spring training. Spring training stats don't mean anything, except when they do.

****At Pinstripe Alley, Kunj Shah gives us a fun thought experiment: who should the Yankees protect in a hypothetical expansion draft?

****Benjamin Hill at looks at the business of minor league baseball franchise shifts and promotions for 2016.